Pre- Kindergarten 1 Classroom Schedule

Pre K 1

6:30am-8:00am Arrival of children, greetings, supervised free play. (Such as table toys, board games, books, puzzles, etc.)
8:00am-8:30am Clean Up/Wash Up/ Restroom
8:30am-9:00am Morning Snack Time
9:00am-9:30am Move to classroom from Multi-purpose Room / potty time / center free play
9:30am-10:15am Group 1 lesson time ( Pre K 1 )
10:15am-11:00am Group 2 lesson time  ( Pre K 2)
11:00am–11:45am Outside time ( weather permitting)
11:45am-12:00pm Clean up, prepare for lunch
12:00-12:30pm Lunch/ clean up/ potty time
12:30pm-2:30pm Nap/Rest Time
2:30pm-2:45pm Restroom/ Wash Up
2:45pm-3:15pm Afternoon Snack Time
3:15pm-3:45pm Outside Play ( Weather Permitting)
3:45pm-4:45pm Planned Activities (art, music, indoor games, etc.)
4:45pm-5:00pm Restroom
5:00pm-6:00pm Free Play/ Clean Up / Prepare for Departure
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