Infants Classroom Schedule

Age: Infants

Children Arrive Greeting of Parent/ChildFeeding/Diapering


Mid-Morning Naptime as neededFeeding/Diapering

Teacher Directed Play

Self-Directed Play

Mid-Morning Snack (Age Appropriate)


Late Morning Teacher Directed ActivitiesSelf-Directed Activities

Naptime as needed

Lunch (Age Appropriate)


Mid-Afternoon Feeding/DiaperingNaptime as needed

Teacher Directed Activities

Self-Directed Activities


Late Afternoon Feeding/DiaperingSelf-Directed Activities

Teacher Directed Activities

Naptime as needed


  • Times are very flexible depending on the infants’ needs for naps, bottles, and diaper changes.
  • Diapers are changed every 2 hours or as needed, at the parent’s request. Diapers should be changed before the child departs.
  • A daily chart will be kept of the infants’ day for parents to access at pick up time.
  • Morning & Afternoon Activities – designed to meet the individual child’s needs, activities may include: reading books, free play, sensory and gross motor activities and tummy time.
  • For a child who cannot move without help, staff will offer to change the places and positions of the child at least every 30 minutes or more frequently depending on the child’s individual needs.
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